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will not cover fuel related claims. the l-a auto show continues this week and already, a number of energy efficient vehicles have made their debut. but a number of automakers are saving their best surprises for the north american international auto show in detroit in january. dave guilford is an editor for automotive news. "each auto show has their own hometown thing. la has asian automakers with headquarters in la, detroit has the big 3, in fact, chevy will rollout the new corvette at detroit, this year." not all of the energy-efficient vehicle news was let out of the bag in l-a. nissan says it'll reveal details of its leaf electric vehicle in detroit. word is that it will involve a price drop and an increased driving range per charge. a husband and wife are facing up 20 years in prison after being found guilty for stealing trade secrets while working at gm. the two are accused of stealing secrets on gm's hybrid car technology -- to share with car makers in china. general motors contends the the information was worth at least $40 million dollars. prosecutors for the couple argued--
. >>> a new report says came's reflewable energy -- came's renewable energy goals could be commission the state's energy plans could be costly because of poor planning and lack of oversight. state law requires california to produce a third of its electricity from solar wind and other renewable sources by the year 2020. this morning, two state lawmakers will unveil new regulation to make california public schools green. the legislation would upgrade the energy efficiency. it is being introduced by nancy skinner of berkeley and state senator of los angeles. the funding would come from the presently -- recently passed proposition 39. >>> well, imagine spending just $30 a week for all of your food. why the mayor of newark, new jersey is doing that starting today. >>> and why health leaders are saying it will be a very bad flu season. but you still have time to protect yourself. >>> stocks edging higher on wall street in early trading as budget talks continue in washington. or raw kim will pay more than $800 million in next year's dividends later this month. joining a growing number of com
at financials and materials over energy and utilities, simply because the tailwind in the housing recovery that we are going to continue to see in 2013 will directly benefit both financials and materials. we have already seen a big run-up in energy and utilities. they have probably seen the better part of earnings over the last couple of years. > were you impressed by toll bros. earnings yesterday? > > i really was. i think it's just more that's going to continue. i think we as a nation, we as investors, underestimate the tailwind that the housing recovery is going to supply, and toll brothers is the prime example. > larry, thanks for coming on the show. have a good day. the largest shipping port in the nation that has been shut down by a strike for days could be closer to re-opening. union workers and ship-owners are meeting with a federal mediator. the walkout by 800 office clerical workers started november 27th against shipping lines and terminal owners. the office workers have been without a contract since june of 2010. they were joined on the picket lines in l.a. and long beach by doc
in the pacific, and all this energy being directed towards the region of the bay area. heavy rain for the morning hours. saturday periods of rain, but then by saturday night into sunday another strong storm, another potent storm still taking aim on the region. here's the forecast model. an increase in shower activity by 4:00 this afternoon. you'll notice the bulk of the action up in the northern half of the region, but look what happens tomorrow morning just in time for the morning commute. excessive rainfall rates. an extra challenge with the rainfall and strong gusty winds for the commute. easily a good 2-4 inches for the north bay. san jose around 65 degrees. more rain clouds and strong storms in the five-day forecast. your weekend always in view. tomorrow morning keeping a sharp eye on that. periods of rain on saturday, then another storm will be a strong one scheduled to move into the region first thing sunday morning. finally a breakout there, a full day of dry weather expected monday. be extra careful tomorrow morning. it will seem like yesterday's storm was not a big deal at all. >>> form
are moved by the story. your energy is infectious. you are awesome. >>> i have two videos for you die guys. here is a guy, a test rider for a motorcycle testing magazine. he is testing a 2013 sjr 1,300. a very fast, expensive motorcycle. it is about $15,000. here is what happened. [ laughter ] >> he is a pro test rider. and he seemingly just slightly misjudged the clearance of the rear. he goes right into the bay. he traded in the motorcycle for a boat. >> how embarrassing for him. he is a pro. >>> next video this woman is dopey from the beginning. little bmw z 4 silver. having a difficult time getting out of her parking spot. >> straighten the wheel. straighten the wheel. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> no. >> are you kidding me? >> it's all there on tape. how do i know it is a woman? the guy who took the video and uploaded it said that is a woman driving the car. i can't say maybe she was -- >> oh, god. oh my god. >> did you guys hear that south carolina is giving out two cases of beer? >> no. >> that's because they are not but this guy decided to take them anyway. dude wal
schools greener. they would upgrade the energy efficiency in public schools in california. it's being introduced by a state senate woman in los angeles and funding would come from the recently passed prop 39 which comes from the clean energy fund. >>> a royal baby is on the way and the dutches of cambridge is pregnant. she is being treated for acute morning sickness. here is prince william seen visiting his wife early this morning and she is expected to be in the hospital for several days. some think this pregnancy could be the beginning of a bibi boom. >> there -- baby boom. >> there will be lots and lots of pregnancies and they could be seen as trail blazers. >> they have not confirmed how far along the dutches is, only that she has not reached the 12 we can mark. >>> we have a crash out in the sunset district and as we look at our maps, we can show you this area is a heavily traveled area and there are two cars blocking 19th avenue so be aware of it. at the bay bridge span traffic is moving well into san francisco but once you get passed those metering lights, it is await at the to
energy? > > this one is really sticking out. the stock has basically halved this year, from $60-ish down to $30. just recently - end of last week, yesterday - we saw a monstrous, monstrous call buying for this particular stock in the $30 and $32.50 lines, not just for december monthly expiration, which is still about three weeks out, but even on the weeklies. just a tremendous amount of call buying. so, is it someone just trying to take a position where the stock has halved this year? or, is it possibly in play a little bit? don't know, but it is definitely sticking out on the watch list. > did the stock mostly tumble because it was conventional wisdom that if governor romney was in the white house that was a plus for coal stocks, and a negative if it was president obama? > > i think you saw that across the board in that sector, though i will say that wlt really started falling much before the election, much before november, and then just kind of an accelerated down to this $30 level. > we have been talking about china in the show today, and it turns out that yum! brands is actually kind
in the city of santa clara received a burst of energy in the form of solar power this afternoon. tara moriarty is live in the newsroom to explain who will benefit. good afternoon, tara. >> well, less than one hour ago, santa clara power dedicated its first set of solar power grids. now, they've flipped the switch and turned that into the first research location. 1,000 panels will generate enough electricity to power 2,000 homes. this will help scathe off pollution. mia salay provided the panel. >> we're really happy with the partnership with mia salay. they get a large demonstration of their project close to the home. we win because we're able to bring that power in and bring this into our system and supply our customers in santa clara. >> the project is located on a stretch of land of a park, jenny, named after a whirl who died in 1986 -- girl who died in 1986. mia said they were happy to produce green power. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news >>> it's hard to find the find today. a new storm moving in. a new round of rain coming our way. scattered showers already reported over the northern e
and save energy. already, museums, churches and the eiffel tower go dark for the night. not everyone is saying "oui." some are concerned the plan will be a turn-off for tourists. however, the french government hopes the ban extends nationwide. now that there's a baby on the way for the duke and duchess of cambridge, entrepreneurs are popping up with money-making ideas. similar to what happened in the days leading up to royal wedding, the expected bundle of joy is causing a stir in the financial world, including wagers on baby names and whether multiple babies will be born. "i think any time you get a royal, even of this magnitude, the first thing that business owners will think about is how can i make money, and there will be ways, from different types of cups to ornaments." that was our royal-watcher fred wientraub, who also expects a "bump up" in tourism once the baby arrives. congratulations to the parents-to-be. still to come, why it was a november to remember at the box office, and what that will mean for december. later in movies and money. but first, how smartphones are taking
and skateboarders do it. why not do it like this? >> this is like a high energy christmas parade. it makes you feel like you're in the holiday spirit but you get a rush of adrenaline on top of it. so it's like the holidays on adrenaline. >> here he is looking like he's grabbing some bare wires that's energizing his suit. they are slipping and sliding and jumping and flying through the air. >> that effect is great when they speed up the video to make it look like they're going really fast and the way the light moves is awesome. >> they are acting and playing along with the people they come across. thumbs up from rtm crew. >> thumbs up. >>> first there was football fanatic and now there's this -- >> this gal apparently has a thing for johnny manziel. >> did she score with the song to the football quarterback? here it and decide for yourself. and this guy proves -- >> it's not impossible to shoot an arrow as fast as what you see in the movies. >> see how fast he ca to quit this. know. d - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. -
violated federal safety rules on purpose. a u.s. attorney is charging the former president of massey energy with conspiring with other company officals to order workers to break safety rules. a tragic factory fire in bangladesh is putting a spotlight on dangerous working conditions. saturday, a fire at a bangladesh clothing factory killed 112 people. its the worst industrial fire in the country's history. however, it's been public knowledge for a while that working conditions in the country are highly unsafe. bangladesh is a major exporter for the garment industry in europe and the u.s. the associated press reports the factory had orders in from companies including walmart, disney, and sears. police have arrested 3 supervisors of the factory for negligence. high-speed trading firm getco is offering to buy troubled knight capital. knight shares jumped on word getco may pay around $1 billion for knight. getco values knight shares at $3.50, which is 41% higher than where the stock closed friday. last august, knight capital sent out erroneous orders in 140 stocks that list on the new york stoc
convention center. it's often called the "green auto show" for its emphasis on energy-efficient vehicles. automakers took the wraps off an all-electric fiat 500 chevy spark. meanwhile, jaguar and landrover unveiled lighter models and audi introduced four new diesel models for the u-s market. the l.a. auto show runs through december 9th. non-superheroes are going to get a chance to bid on batman's original batmobile this january. the one-of-a-kind, souped-up ford futura concept car was entirely-hand built for the 1960s tv series in turin, italy, of all places. the auction is set for january 19 in scottsdale, arizona. the final price is expected to reach into the multi-millions. still to come, traders debate which stocks could be next to offer special dividends. but first, are small businesses getting worried by fiscal fears coming from washington? that's next with bill moller. e have been signs that key elements of the economy are picking up. small businesses, they're the backbone of the employment picture. what about small businesses owners? what are they seeing? there may be no better m
. >> thank you, mash. >>> cowboys, dancing trees and high energy teenagers to entertain a big crowd in downtown oakland this afternoon. >> berkeley high school cheerleaders were among those taking part in the 13th annual oakland holiday parade. tens of thousands enjoy the speckacle during a well-timed break in the rain. the crowd got to enjoy the holiday floats and a lot live music. ktvu's dave clark and claudine wong emceed the event. >>> coming up we'll tell you who stanford faces in the rose bowl. >> sportswrap is next. ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . >>> good evening everybody and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. warrior
for energy fish cease projects at schools across the state. that funding would come from proposition 39 which voters approved in november to close tax loopholes for out of state companies. the money would be used to update lighting and ventilation systems at schools in the state's poorest neighborhoods. >>> today the city of santa clara is going grown with with a new solar power araimplet silicon valley power flipped the switch today to 1,000 donated solar panels on what used to be a vacant lot between jenny strand park and i-280. in return solar company mia soleil will be able to use the location for its own research. >> this is our first system on one and half acres. we have seven acres, room for expansion. we're really excited about the future. >> city says the panels will generate enough electricity to power more than two dozen homes and keep up to 72 metric tons of caron dioxide from entering the atmosphere. >>> we're talking some showers right now. heaviest rain is in the north bay, light showers headed your way in the next couple of hours. you can see most of the activity is north of u
with this type of energy. >> volunteers take her out as much as possible. >> good girl. >> but now managers of this shelter and five others in santa clara county hope a new offer will convince someone to take dogs like kona home for good. >> we're putting all of our adult animals on sale for $12. >> until the end of december that's more than $100 off for dogs and 75 off for cats. the sales pitch has already worked on miguel rivera and his pregnant wife wen di ready to add a baby and a dog to their family. >> trying to take one home. a little special right there, any dog for $12 so make a dog happy today. >> at this shelter committed to not youth niezing a single animal it's exactly what they want for the holidays. >> and, you know, we asked managers today why they seemed to see such a jump in dogs dropped off here this time of year. they say often people just can't afford to keep their pets. we're live in san jose, eric, ktvu channel 2 news. more de tails now on the adoption program. these are the six shelters that are taking part and together their fwoel is to adopt out 1200 pets this mont
a bit of energy. more than the last one that went through and it's going to have a big impact on the friday morning commute. tomorrow morning look where the rain is, sitting up north. it's still up in the russian river drainage basin at noon. that basin is about 60 miles along. look what happens at 7:00. from 12:00 to 7:00 it's still sitting there raining. i wouldn't be surprised to see a flood advisory in the north bay. when we come back i'm going to take you all through your bay area week. this is something to watch. this rain sitting there that long. >>> first lady michelle obama unveiled the white house christmas decorations today and she said this year's theme is joy for all. >> the joy of giving and service to others. the joy of sharing our blessings with one another and the joy of welcoming our friends and families into our homes over the next several weeks. >> the guests were military families and their children. this year the white house has 54 christmas trees. the largest tree features decorations made by children who's parents are stationed over seas. >> if we're lu
months now collecting detailed measure manies of high energy particles and radio waves. eight years after it landed on mars, nasa's rover opportunity is still making discoveries. scientists announceed today at the american geophysical union meeting in san francisco that the rover has uncovered hints of clay mirals. they're important because they hold clues about the martian climate and should help scientists figure out if surface conditions could've been favorable for life. >>> the use of drones in war zones has stirred global debate. now an east bay law enforcement agency is drawing fire for its plan to launch a drone in their community. >> we should not be rushing headlong into buying a drone before the safeguards are in place, before the county has decided it should get a drone. >> american civil liberties union spoke out against the drone plan today just before the alameda county board of supervisors took up the issue. the sheriff hopes to buy an unmanned aerial system or drone using a state grant. it has hd video and infrared capabilities. the sheriff says it would be used ford sent
of energy. >> reporter: volunteers take her out as much as possible. >> good girl. >> reporter: but now managers of this shelter and five others in santa clara county hope a new offer will convince someone to take dogs like her home for good. >> we're putting all of our adult animals on sale for $12. >> reporter: more than $100 off for dogs, and $75 off for cats. the sales pitch has worked on miguel rivera and his pregnant wife wendy. ready to add a baby and a dog to the family. >> a special there, any dog for $12. we just kind of made a dog happy today. >> reporter: at this shelter, it's exactly what they want for the holidays. this little guy is christopher. he's one of 500 animals they keep at this shelter alone. we asked why they see dogs dropped off or abandoned this time of year. often people just can't afford to take care of them. >> there are six shelters taking part in this special sale. their goal is to adopt out 1200 animals. >>> the annual christmas tree lighting took lace this even at the state capital. as part of the state's tradition, many of the ornaments were madeby chi
's the third shark attack since october. >> if you are looking for more energy efficient lights you can get them free today, just turn in your old ones. for each strand turned in you can get a free strand of led lights, only while supplies last. it's happening at 11:00 o'clock. to be eligible you must bring a copy of your pg&e bill and prove the area you live in. >>> the holiday lighting ceremony has been postponed due to the weather. it's the first time in 24 hers, it had been scheduled to take place at five. officials have not said if or when the event will be rescheduled. >> more than 100,000 people are expected to line the streets of downtown oakland today. it's more the 13th yearly america's children's holiday parade. they are going to be marching bands, drill teams and -- just some of the floats and santa will come. it starts at two on broadway from 11th to 20th street. we will host that parade and maybe we will get dry patch of weather so -- people have come out -- no matter what the weather. >> have fun. >> thank you. >> and today is world aids day. a quiet event in san francis
. that's a long time for a dog of this size with this type of energy. >> to help families adopt a furry new friend, the shelters are dropping adoption fees. approved families can pick up a dog for a 9% discount and for a -- 90% discount for and for cats, a 7 a% discount -- 70% discount for a cat. >>> a police horse was bitten by a pit ball. the owner of the dog is appealing the petition that that dog should be put down. >>> the competition in the america's cup race is already starting. an italians are claiming that oracle broke protocol by planning someone in an inflatable boat and taking upclose pictures of the italian and new zealand yachts. an international jury is considering this protest. experts say the progressions are overblown. >>> 7:53. tara is here. >> there's a backup on the richmond bridge. we have some congestion. there is a large piece of metal in one of the lanes there. you can see it's a little bit hazy out there. it's difficult to see the traffic but the chp is on scene. they are trying to remove that piece of metal but there's some congestion westbound as you make you
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